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Therapeutic personal training

No body shaming, just confidence. 

Fitness Portrait

Results are not about weight

Let's be honest and upfront: Dieting sucks. The fitness industry is heavily weighted on body image, judgment, and approaches that don't work. There will always be some new expert on youtube that claims that a new fad diet fixes everything. 

Body image and fitness goals are heavily tied to feelings of worth. These feelings are rooted in our beliefs of ourselves. Many people don't realize that they are sabotaging any effort they put into fitness because of these beliefs. They want to lose weight to feel good about themselves, but use shame as a motivator. This turns into punishing themselves through diet and exercise, which has an underlying motive of making the process too hard to follow through with. In the end, it leads to feeling like a failure and repeating the cycle. Losing weight doesn't give worth, but proving you are confident through overcoming hardship does. 

This program focuses on building confidence. It integrates specific efforts to understand where our worth comes from, change the thoughts, and then utilize fitness goals to provide a framework to skyrocket confidence. Each stage of fitness achieved is also marked by a stage of personal growth and awareness. The results are not about losing weight, but losing weight is a product of the process. 

Realities of personal training:

  • There is no diet specifically that works for every person. Everyone's body is different, and you should find the diet that fits you best. 

  • Undereating is just as damaging as overeating. If you undereat it will slow down your metabolism and prevent you from having enough energy to really do the work. When your calorie level is too low, your body is more likely to convert muscle into energy. This will break down the lean mass you have, which also will slow your metabolism. 

  • Fitness should be fun. It should not be a program that is designed to hurt you, rather one that you enjoy the process. Creating a healthy lifestyle is what will make it worth it. 

  • Our bodies adjust too quickly to what we do. True results come from confusing our bodies into readjusting. This applies to both diet and exercise.

  • The way to really build maximal strength and hypertrophy is to create a foundation in stabilization. Strengthening core muscles, improving range of movement, and addressing flexibility will allow for significant muscle growth without injury. 

  • Consistency beats intensity every single time. 

  • Correct form always wins over strength. 

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