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Couples therapy

Built off of connection

Holding Hands

What is connection

There is a misconception about couples counseling. It is not about communication. It is not about conflict resolution. It is actually about the creation of a safe healthy attachment style. This is what connection really means. 


Connection is the ability to know your partner on an intuitive level. Being able to understand what they like, what they don't like, and what makes them really feel happy. Connection is about responding to each other. Connection is about having shared goals and dreams. Many people skip these steps and try to communicate past it. When this happens, communication becomes about you instead of about you and your partner. If you don't understand how to be connected, then communication will fail. 


Connection starts in understanding, and then develops into trust by following through. We take a detailed approach to look at individual needs, and then create ways to come together. After you really know each other communication becomes natural and conflict resolution feels safe. 

Our therapists are trained in utilizing Gottman Therapy. This approach includes detailed exercises on how to develop understanding, compromise, conflict resolution, and trust. 

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