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Shiloe Mecham, LCMHC - Telehealth Therapist

Finding Hope in Every Situation

Broken, or injured? People tell me they are the former, their experiences reveal

that they are the latter. They see themselves as beyond hope, beyond repair,

beyond redemption even. Working together, we discover they are otherwise.

Together, we find that hope aggregates. We grasp, weld, and grow each little particle together until hope feels real, substantial, and enduring. We see their ability to self-heal when they have the right resources. We realize that redemption is a consequence of healing rather than a reward for good behavior.

Mental healing and wellness are whole being activities. I believe a person must learn to "be where they are at" to get where they want to go. This involves examining the meanings you make, forming new ways of understanding your challenges, learning to soothe your senses so they don't hijack your coping, and creating systems of support around you.

Also, some of you are seeking to thrive rather than heal. To me, they are two sides of the same coin. Using similar tools for healing in a different way, I can help you accomplish your professional, lifestyle, academic and other personal goals.

Education, Licenses, & Certifications

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

  • Associates of Applied Science in Digital Media

  • Licensed as an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Clinical Specializations

Adult Treatment

  • Highly trained in multiple theoretical orientations including cognitive behavior therapy, narrative therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy, and existential therapy

  • Successfully treated areas of depression, anxiety, trauma, grief & loss, work related concerns, adult ADHD, and many others

  • Specific training in treating multiple forms of trauma using Internal Family Systems

Couples Therapy

  • Uses principles from disciplines such as attachment therapy and the Gottman method to help couples with a variety of issues relating to communication, intimacy, sexuality, and many others

  • Uses materials and hands-on tools tailored to the couple’s needs

  • Expertise in helping work through betrayal trauma and heal after an affair

  • Highly specialized in treating couple’s grief through education, use of tools, and the creation of support systems in the aftermath of loss and change

  • Experience helping divorced couples co-parent more successfully

Teen Treatment

  • Modifies training mentioned earlier in addition to play therapy techniques to help teens of all different backgrounds and issues

  • Expertise in building trust, making therapy engaging, and facilitating connection between teens and their families.

  • Experience helping teens cope with and navigate high-conflict divorce.

  • I find that my interest in a wide range of media including video games and anime are helpful in connecting with the children and teens I work with

Child Treatment

  • Uses multiple forms of play therapy with the use of artwork, board games, video games, sand tray therapy, etc.

  • We practice coping and communication skills in session and transfer that over to goals at home.

  • Experience in family therapy and parenting approaches

  • Experienced at helping children cope with and navigate high conflict divorce.

Clinical Specializations
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