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Trauma Therapy

It can feel like we become trapped in a never-ending loop of fear. 


How it works

What is trauma: Any form of intense loss, injury or harm to family or friends, injury or harm to ourselves, or the potential for injury to happen. This means that trauma can come in the form of a divorce, a job loss, death of a family member, natural disasters, abuse, or watching a loved one go through these events. 

Why is trauma so damaging: It's not just the fear we experience. Trauma works in combination with our self-worth. What this does is the traumatic event makes us feel scared and out of control, and underneath this we tend to create a trauma identity. This identity can make you feel like everything is your fault, that you aren't good enough, or that you deserved whatever happened to you. The trauma symptoms surface because the identity drives the negative emotions. If you don't change the negative identity, the trauma symptoms don't change. 

How we help: We treat trauma in stages. The first stage is to understand the event, or events, that started the process. We identify this, and then work to understand what the negative belief is underneath it. The next stage is to desensitize the memories by processing through it enough that the pain is lessened. As we do this, we also work to reframe the negative belief to something empowering. It's not enough to just talk about trauma history. The process involves more depth in understanding that you are stronger then anything you've been through. 

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