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Finding Worth

Confidence is the most critical thing we can have, but often times the hardest to find. 

How we can help

Every person defines confidence differently. It is as unique as each person's identity. There are incredibly helpful steps in finding this within ourselves. Each of our therapists are trained to help you find where your worth comes from. This process goes in stages:

  • Identify negative beliefs about yourself.

  • Work to understand who you really are. You can't find self love if you don't know yourself. Knowing your personality, how you think, what you enjoy, and what you hate are helpful in so many ways.  

  • The more you understand who you are, the more it becomes possible to change negative beliefs. Positive affirmations only work if you know they are true about you. 

  • Find areas of growth. Believing in yourself becomes concrete when you see yourself make changes in your life. Action steps are critical to this changing. 

  • Learn that hard things are opportunities to feel strong. You start to believe that you can handle anything. No more self-sabotage. 

  • You find the you that was always there, and you become the confidence you always wanted. 

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